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We are pret­ty posi­ti­ve about Natu­ral Lan­guage Gene­ra­ti­on (NLG). It would be a sur­pri­se, frank­ly, if we were not. We honest­ly belie­ve that NLG solu­ti­ons can be vital to ans­we­ring ques­ti­ons facing com­pa­nies and orga­ni­sa­ti­ons today. The­re are nume­rous bene­fits to com­pa­nies that deci­de to imple­ment NLG pro­ducts as a sup­port to their ever­y­day ope­ra­ti­ons.

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The Road To Chemnitz

Ret­res­co is open about its ethics and cor­po­ra­te values becau­se we belie­ve that no orga­ni­sa­ti­on can exist wit­hin this world without ack­now­led­ging the impact it has. Pro­fit as an end wit­hin its­elf is an out­da­ted phi­lo­so­phy, and in the­se frau­ght times, com­pa­nies should not be afraid to put their ethi­cal heart on their slee­ve.  

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When People Don’t Trust Robot Journalism

It is easy to fear robots. They’re an easy way to tap into the instinc­tive of sen­ti­ence without human qua­li­ties such as empa­thy, com­pas­si­on, crea­ti­vi­ty or mer­cy. Robot jour­na­lism is often seen with the same trepi­da­ti­on, many see­ing it as a thre­at to the live­li­hood of working repor­ters and edi­tors. But while many fear the

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