The Road To Chemnitz

Retresco is open about its ethics and corporate values because we believe that no organisation can exist within this world without acknowledging the impact it has. Profit as an end within itself is an outdated philosophy, and in these fraught times, companies should not be afraid to put their ethical heart on their sleeve.

On Sunday, Alexander Siebert, one of our CEOs, tweeted, “A large part of the @Retresco team is going to Chemnitz this Monday. Corporate culture values can be written on many colorful slides. We live them.” The tweet was a shot across the bows to signal our support for the #wirsindmehr moment, a reaction to the far-right backlash following the killing of a German-Cuban in the city of Chemnitz in the night of the 26th of August. That such a horrific and tragic incident could have ended up being weaponised from both ends–right and left–of the political spectrum goes against the core of our character.

So on Monday, over twenty of Retresco’s employees and management took three minibuses organised and paid for by the company to Chemnitz in order to demonstrate their—and our—commitment to anti-racism and liberal values. Leaving at midday and returning at midnight, the team were grateful to take part in a peaceful demonstration to reinforce the values that we, as a multinational company, strive to live by.

It is important that all are welcome. We are, after everything else is stripped away, all people.


Thanks to the whole Retresco team for making this trip possible, as well as those who stayed behind in order to man the fort!



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