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Retresco at SportsInnovation 2018: Live demo of the rtr textengine

Yesterday, we reported on Twitter from our live presentation of rtr textengine at SportsInnovation 2018, which took place at the ESPRIT Arena in Düsseldorf. Within this blog post, we present the generated texts and some images from the event.   [two_fifth]  [/two_fifth] SportsInnovation is a well-known platform for sports news. Established service providers such as […]

Retresco faces questions concerning NLG

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Berlin based company Retresco and computational linguist Mr. Prof. Dr. Hands Uszkoreit from German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), were interviewed by radio editor Manfred Kloiber from Deutschlandfunk-program “Computer and Communication” about natural language generation, the current state of it as well as its perspectives. Automated textgeneration based on data […]

When the computer becomes a reporter

Cameras on a visit in our office in Berlin Friedrichshain Finally you can look behind the scenes and meet the people who improve our technologies day by day. And because once wouldn’t be enough you just get to see it several times, i.a. at the FAZ, the Süddeutschen Zeitung and the stern.  

“Journalists don’t need to be afraid” | Interview with Alexander Siebert, pubiz

  Interview with CEO Alexander Siebert about automated text generation and changes in the field of journalism Read the whole interview – in german – here. 23/07/2017, textintern, Interview: Steffanie Gohr    

“Robots are more trustworthy.” | Interview with Johannes Sommer, sputnik

Do machines make the journalists work redundant? Intelligent software-applications for automated text generation are on the rise worldwide. The German Company  Retresco is on of the suppliers. CEO Johannes Sommer is giving a prognosis about journalisms future. Full article as well as audio recording from the radio interview in german: sputnik.

Retresco at OMR 2017 with automated SEO-content

Our rtr textengine not only writes unique and individual texts, but also is capable of generating any number of text in real-time. Whether it is SEO-content, product descriptions or personalised performance reports, our automated generated texts enormously help to increase visibility of your products in Google. See for yourself and visit us at our booth. […]

“Don’t worry about robot-reporters”, ZEIT ONLINE

Artifical Intelligence and digitisation are influencing the consciousness industry increasingly. That’s an opportunity for the journalism – and the democracy. How can machines perform in sensomotoric, cognitive, emotional and social aspects? And which internal dynamics are developing out of the unleashed, digital creativity? The multilayered intelligence of the machines and the potential of the automated text generation […]

Robot journalism in practice! A situation report.

Football – a fast sport. Just like the coverage of such games. A regional football-portal uses robot journalism and is outrunning the competition. Basis of these game reports is the rtr textengine by Retresco. This engine generates perfectly written texts, in any number, within minutes, just by using the existing data of the particular game.  […]

E-commerce Berlin EXPO 2017

At this years E-Commerce Berlin EXPO on February 2nd 2017, we present our expertise in the area of e-commerce. Visit us at our Booth and see for yourself the possibilities of automated text generation of unique product descriptions in order to increase your visibility in Google and an effective utilization of your existing content for […]

Automated Journalism: Retresco generates automatically written game reports

Ten thousands of game reports in real-time – from Champions League to district league: a paradise for millions of passionate football fans. Automated journalism by Retresco makes it possible.  Solutions by Retresco enhance, accelerate and remarkably reduce the price of the whole value chain-process. Together with football-marketer and developer of online-sportmedia Sportplatz Media, Retresco aims […]