Künstliche Intelligenz: Arbeit neu denken

AI & Automation: Rethinking Work

Our working world is changing. For several years now, we have been experiencing how artificial intelligence, algorithms and robot systems not only change our private lives, but also work processes: doctors are supported by algorithms in the evaluation of X-ray images, robot systems are used in nursing and journalists are guided by AI systems in […]

End2End Textgeneration

NLG research: Does text generation using neural networks work? And how?

Several times a year, Retresco holds an in-house hackathon. That means two days away from day-to-day work – time to engage with new topics, think outside the box, and try out new approaches. This helps us look at our own technologies from different perspectives and make innovative advances.   Inspired by the E2E NLG Challenge, […]


HOW TO AI: Navigating the buzzwords of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing – when the conversation turns to artificial intelligence and the ubiquitous buzzwords begin to fly, non-developers soon switch off. These terms are often used too broadly, synonymously, or simply incorrectly. To shed a little light on this matter, and to help you deal with AI […]

When People Don’t Trust Robot Journalism

It is easy to fear robots. They’re an easy way to tap into the instinctive of sentience without human qualities such as empathy, compassion, creativity or mercy. Robot journalism is often seen with the same trepidation, many seeing it as a threat to the livelihood of working reporters and editors. But while many fear the […]

Einsatz KI Bankwesen Realitaet

Banking takes a cautious approach in spite of excitement about AI

It is nice when a story about your industry comes across your desk, promising to enliven what may have a been a run-of-the-mill day. Even better when the article in question seems to have missed the most-vital element of the narrative but instead skirts around the edges of the real story. The story we are referring […]

Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Horizont

Retresco releases Chatbot for HORIZONT magazine

Berlin, 23 October 2017. Retresco has developed a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to help users navigate the archive of HORIZONT magazine.   There are over 150,000 articles and documents in the database of HORIZONT, one of Germany’s main magazines for marketing, advertising and media. From now on, a chatbot technology built by Retresco makes finding the […]

Visit us at Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen

Enhance customer engagement with intelligent content automation. Learn more about intelligent content automation and how NLG technology can help your organisation increase efficiency and deliver actionable insights that empower customers and employees. Come and visit us at this year’s Money 20/20 Europe to find out more. Find us here:   Hall C4, Kiosk K25 When: […]

When the computer becomes a reporter

Cameras on a visit in our office in Berlin Friedrichshain Finally you can look behind the scenes and meet the people who improve our technologies day by day. And because once wouldn’t be enough you just get to see it several times, i.a. at the FAZ, the Süddeutschen Zeitung and the stern.  

Retresco at OMR 2017 with automated SEO-content

Our rtr textengine not only writes unique and individual texts, but also is capable of generating any number of text in real-time. Whether it is SEO-content, product descriptions or personalised performance reports, our automated generated texts enormously help to increase visibility of your products in Google. See for yourself and visit us at our booth. […]

“Don’t worry about robot-reporters”, ZEIT ONLINE

Artifical Intelligence and digitisation are influencing the consciousness industry increasingly. That’s an opportunity for the journalism – and the democracy. How can machines perform in sensomotoric, cognitive, emotional and social aspects? And which internal dynamics are developing out of the unleashed, digital creativity? The multilayered intelligence of the machines and the potential of the automated text generation […]