Chatbot-Plattform Commerzbank

Commerzbank work with Retresco to create Chatbots

24.05.2018, Berlin: Commerzbank is looking to improve its internal knowledge management with the introduction of an internal enterprise platform for building and deploying chatbots. The project will be undertaken in cooperation with Retresco. The project began with Commerzbank launching three chatbots at the beginning of the year. One was for employees who needed assistance for […]

Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Horizont

Retresco releases Chatbot for HORIZONT magazine

Berlin, 23 October 2017. Retresco has developed a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to help users navigate the archive of HORIZONT magazine.   There are over 150,000 articles and documents in the database of HORIZONT, one of Germany’s main magazines for marketing, advertising and media. From now on, a chatbot technology built by Retresco makes finding the […]