Retresco to begin beta-testing of rtr textengine

Retresco is to begin beta-testing its self-service NLG platform, rtr textengine, to selected clients from September 2017. dmexco, one of the largest annual digital economy conference worldwide, has been carefully chosen where businesses are invited to see the rtr textengine demo, with a no obligation opportunity to take part in our beta.

Beta-testing of rtr textengine is part of a development process that began 12 months ago. Retresco saw, after ten years of building content automation solutions, that customers had many common needs. This gave Retresco the inspiration to create a web-based, self-service NLG platform for non-developers. Rather than enduring an arduous development process to create their own NLG system, customers will be able to access instantly an ‘off-the-shelf’ product built with nearly a decade of industry experience.

Alexander Siebert, founder and chief executive officer at Retresco, says, “We are looking forward to beta-testing our new product with selected clients and getting it ready for wider launch in 2018.”

This is a pre-launch opportunity, in Germany only, for businesses to take part in our closed beta. A full release plus an English version is anticipated in 2018. To ensure participants achieve their desired outcomes, they will receive on-boarding support with the best content templates, underpinned by Retresco’s robust and user-friendly rtr textengine.