We are glad that you have decided to visit Retresco’s website and would like to tell you some more about us and our award-winning products. Founded in Berlin in 2008, Retresco has become one of the leading companies in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Retresco develops semantic applications in the areas of content classification, recommendation, as well as highly innovative technology for natural language generation (NLG). Through nearly a decade of deep industry experience, Retresco helps its clients accelerate digital transformation, increase operational efficiencies, and enhance customer engagement.


[two_fifth] textengine.io [/two_fifth] We have been building Natural Language Generation (NLG) solutions for more than five years. Over this time, we have observed that customers had many common needs. This gave us the inspiration to create textengine.io—a web-based, self-service NLG platform for non-developers. It enables non-specialists to build and develop management reports or product descriptions at scale, without requiring specialist help.


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[two_fifth] textengine Pro [/two_fifth]Textengine PRO is our fully-managed service where our expert team of computational linguists, developers, and data scientists work with clients to analyse, restructure, and apply their data to generate an unlimited number of narratives. The result is a robust and effective communication system that helps clients enhance engagement and satisfaction, while accelerating innovation.


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[two_fifth] enterprise Chatbots [/two_fifth]Chatbots have amazing potential in the automation of internal tasks such as sending personalised updates and recommendations, and communicating best practises to employees. At Retresco, we work with clients to understand behaviour and then design content automation for them that is more adaptive, responsive, and aligned with their goals and actions.


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