At Retresco, we partner with leading management consultancies and technology companies to make sense of Big Data, extract hidden knowledge, and distribute this insight to defined audiences. Powered by our award-winning Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) solutions, we work with our partners to leverage our complementary strengths in the areas of technical expertise, business models, and knowledge of market segments. This enables us to maintain commitment, and deliver on shared goals and rules to create value for mutual customers. Exploit emerging developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP) today and join our rapidly growing partner network.


The strategic partnership between the companies reflects an understanding that customers are looking increasingly for products that embrace society’s rapidly-accelerating digitalisation. Retresco and Deloitte will be looking to develop projects around AI-driven Natural Language Generation (NLG). More


Through this partnership, customers of e-Spirit’s new FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) will be presented with automatically-generated text. These texts will include product descriptions, promotional text, SEO-relevant descriptions, and job descriptions. They will be produced at scale using only limited human resources. The companies predict that this will greatly improve productivity and time to market. More

SPM Sportplatz Media

Together with the sports media and marketing specialist SPM Sportplatz Media, Retresco has been developing text models for the automatic generation of match reports for around four years. In cooperation with the DFB, the project was even further developed: Starting with the 2019/2020 season, around 75,000 automatically generated match reports from all amateur leagues will appear on every weekend. More


Retresco supported the e-commerce service provider Empiriecom, a 100% subsidiary of the Otto Group, in the automated generation of product descriptions in the fashion & accessories area. As a result, the integration of the text generation software reduced the production time for product descriptions by 91 percent. More