Content automation for non-developers

At Ret­res­co, we have been buil­ding Natu­ral Lan­guage Gene­ra­ti­on (NLG) solu­ti­ons for more than five years. Over this time we saw that custo­mers had many com­mon needs. This gave us the inspi­ra­ti­on to crea­te the rtr tex­ten­gi­ne, a web-based, self-ser­vice NLG plat­form for non-deve­l­o­pers.

It enab­les non-spe­cia­lists to build and deve­lop manage­ment reports or pro­duct descrip­ti­ons at sca­le, without requi­ring spe­cia­list help. We pro­vi­de a user-fri­end­ly inter­face for you to build and test your con­tent tem­pla­tes. The­se can be easi­ly sha­red wit­hin your enter­pri­se for other col­leagues to use.

At an enter­pri­se level, it helps orga­ni­sa­ti­ons opti­mi­se ope­ra­ti­ons, empower employees, and trans­form their pro­duct and ser­vices. This leads to enhan­ced custo­mer enga­ge­ment, hel­ping brands influ­ence busi­ness and con­su­mer buy­ing beha­viour, at sca­le. This is what demo­cra­ti­sing con­tent auto­ma­ti­on looks like.

What the experts say:

Far from kil­ling the jobs of know­ledge workers, [auto­ma­ti­on] tends to free them up to do what they are paid to do — inno­va­ti­ve, model, refi­ne, and impro­ve on the exper­ti­se of their busi­ness.”

Lydia Dish­man, Repor­ter, Fast Com­pa­ny

rtr textengine beta nlg platform

Achie­ve your desi­red out­co­mes:

  • Gene­ra­te and sha­re report tem­pla­tes or pro­duct descrip­ti­ons quick­ly, at sca­le, in a per­so­na­li­sed way.
  • Encou­ra­ge con­ti­nued custo­mer enga­ge­ment by wri­ting con­tent tem­pla­tes that reflect your brand’s tone of voice and iden­ti­ty.
  • Attract and con­vert more visi­tors with uni­que, con­sis­tent, and enga­ging con­tent for every sin­gle pro­duct or ser­vice line.

Why par­ti­ci­pa­te in the rtr tex­ten­gi­ne clo­sed beta:

  • An onboar­ding team that will ensu­re your data is clean and con­sis­tent
  • Gui­d­ance on buil­ding tem­pla­tes that arti­cu­la­te your value pro­po­si­ti­on
  • Build your own app­li­ca­ti­ons wit­hin hours with our user-fri­end­ly, web-based plat­form
  • Sup­port to edu­ca­te staff on adopting and imple­men­ting our robust and user-fri­end­ly rtr tex­ten­gi­ne

Cur­r­ent­ly in a clo­sed beta, the rtr tex­ten­gi­ne is avail­ab­le in Ger­man only with an English release anti­ci­pa­ted in Q1 2018. During the beta pha­se, the rtr tex­ten­gi­ne will be free to use. Fill in the form below to regis­ter your inte­rest, and a mem­ber of our team will respond to you short­ly.

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