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While Natu­ral Lan­guage Gene­ra­ti­on (NLG) extracts data from com­plex sources to pro­du­ce natu­ral­ly wor­ded pro­se, it is still about deli­vering value to a tar­get audi­ence. That’s why we spun off from our Natu­ral Lan­guage Under­stan­ding (NLU) roots to inclu­de Natu­ral Lan­guage Gene­ra­ti­on (NLG) to form a holistic Natu­ral Lan­guage Pro­ces­sing (NLP) offe­ring.

Our NLG solu­ti­ons run on Arti­fi­ci­al Intel­li­gence-dri­ven soft­ware that enhan­ces custo­mer enga­ge­ment. We offer a ful­ly mana­ged ser­vice whe­re we work with cli­ents to deter­mi­ne their scope, ana­ly­se and orga­ni­se their data, and under­stand how effec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on is mea­su­red. 

Our lin­gu­is­tic archi­tects work with our cli­ents to sketch out the con­tent their custo­mers expect to recei­ve from their ser­vice and brand, while collec­ting rich data to train the rtr textengine’s sophisti­ca­ted algo­rithm. We bench­mark against any exis­ting out­puts that NLG enhan­ces or repla­ces, so that we can deli­ver a dyna­mic, con­sis­tent, fast, and scalab­le end-to-end solu­ti­on.

For our self-ser­vice NLG solu­ti­ons, plea­se click here.

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