simpleshow is creating explanation videos to help worldwide clients communicating their messages in an easy way. With mysimpleshow they launched an online tool empowering everybody to make their own professional videos – based on Retrescos Explainer Engine.
Only one click is necessary to analyse the script given by the user and propose matching illustrations to visualize the content. The user can now pick the best illustration for his message. Meanwhile the Engine is learning from the users choice and the accuracy is increasing steadily.


[one_half padding=”0 15px 0 0″]Semantic Recognition

In our semantic analysis the most important keywords and topics are defined. Taking this as a basis the user maintains illustrations matching his storyline with the most relevant match shown first.

Integration of world knowledge

The integration of existing information and world knowledge is also part of the matching process of our software. For example, “President John F. Kennedy” is not only recognized as a person but also as a “male politician from the US”. Details like that are considered in the matching process.




Our semantics helps to develop certain logics within each video in order not to disturb its fluency, f.e. by recognizing reasonable distances between the keywords which are going to be visualized or also by proposing an aggregation of the visual elements in case of enumerations.

Also, relations and coherences are identified automatically. Within the sentence “Franca has a question” our semantics recognizes the relation between the person Franca and the question she got. Therefore a female person with a question mark above the head is proposed for the illustration.




Have a look at the results and create your own explanation video with the help of our technologies – we’ve done the same: