simp­le­show is crea­ting explana­ti­on vide­os to help world­wi­de cli­ents com­mu­ni­ca­ting their messa­ges in an easy way. With mys­imp­le­show they laun­ched an online tool empowering ever­y­bo­dy to make their own pro­fes­sio­nal vide­os – based on Ret­res­cos Exp­lai­ner Engi­ne.
Only one click is necessa­ry to ana­ly­se the script given by the user and pro­po­se matching illus­tra­ti­ons to visua­li­ze the con­tent. The user can now pick the best illus­tra­ti­on for his messa­ge. Mean­while the Engi­ne is learning from the users choice and the accu­ra­cy is increa­sing steadi­ly.


Semantic Recognition

In our seman­tic ana­ly­sis the most important key­wor­ds and topics are defi­ned. Taking this as a basis the user main­ta­ins illus­tra­ti­ons matching his sto­ry­line with the most rele­vant match shown first.

Integration of world knowledge

The inte­gra­ti­on of exis­ting infor­ma­ti­on and world know­ledge is also part of the matching pro­cess of our soft­ware. For examp­le, “Pre­si­dent John F. Ken­ne­dy” is not only reco­gni­zed as a per­son but also as a “male poli­ti­ci­an from the US”. Details like that are con­s­i­de­red in the matching pro­cess.


Our seman­ti­cs helps to deve­lop cer­tain logics wit­hin each video in order not to dis­turb its flu­en­cy, f.e. by reco­gni­zing rea­son­ab­le distan­ces bet­ween the key­wor­ds which are going to be visua­li­zed or also by pro­po­sing an aggre­ga­ti­on of the visu­al ele­ments in case of enu­me­ra­ti­ons.

Also, rela­ti­ons and cohe­ren­ces are iden­ti­fied auto­ma­ti­cal­ly. Wit­hin the sen­tence “Fran­ca has a ques­ti­on” our seman­ti­cs reco­gni­zes the rela­ti­on bet­ween the per­son Fran­ca and the ques­ti­on she got. The­re­fo­re a fema­le per­son with a ques­ti­on mark above the head is pro­po­sed for the illus­tra­ti­on.



Have a look at the results and crea­te your own explana­ti­on video with the help of our tech­no­lo­gies – we’ve done the same: