About Retresco

Natural Language Processing für Ihr Business

Retresco supports companies in automating text-based business processes through artificial intelligence and thereby significantly increases their operational efficiency. As a pioneer in the field of AI-based language technologies, the Berlin-based tech company has been setting standards in the automated creation of high-quality texts and the analysis of speech since 2008.

The company’s origins lie in the development of solutions for organising large volumes of digital content. Another milestone is the development of natural language generation applications – Retresco is one of the five leading providers in this field worldwide.

The Retresco team of more than 70 employees consists of specialised experts from the fields of software development, linguistics, copywriting, communication and many more.

Our values

As an AI company, we work at the exciting intersection of technology, business and society – a topic that is as interesting as it is sensitive. This makes it all the more important for us to have a sound, carefully considered self-image and strong corporate values. In this sense, the following values reflect not only our self-image as a tech company, but also the goal that we set for ourselves to actively live these values – both internally and externally.

Recognition and team spirit 

We take an appreciative corporate culture very seriously. In concrete terms, this means that we support a good work-life balance for all our employees through flexible, individually designed working hours and a family-friendly attitude. We attach great importance to a working atmosphere that is characterised by mutual respect and in which individual strengths are encouraged. Constructive feedback and a positive error culture are very important to us and help us to develop continuously.

Expertise and competence 

At Retresco we strive for professional excellence and competence – in all aspects of our work. What sets us apart is an advantageous mixture of diverse expertise and years of experience. Our solutions thrive not only on this specialist knowledge but also on the passion of our colleagues for their work. Additionally, we aspire to always keep an eye on the pragmatic and practical application of our technologies.

Innovative spirit and exchange of ideas 

The broad range of experience of our interdisciplinary teams enables us to effectively develop innovative solutions. A change of perspective and the exchange of knowledge provide the foundation for creative and efficient work. In addition to events such as hackathons, retrospectives and further training, we are always looking for new ways to share and expand our know-how in order to gain inspiration and engage with rapidly developing technologies.