Improve communication across the enterprise

While chat­bots rely on natu­ral lan­guage pro­ces­sing (NLP) to send a messa­ge, it is still about tal­king with custo­mers. At Ret­res­co, we work with cli­ents to gain an under­stan­ding of beha­viour to design con­tent auto­ma­ti­on that is more adap­ti­ve, respon­si­ve, and ali­gned to their goals and actions.

We work to under­stand the uni­que con­ver­sa­ti­on struc­tu­re a chat­bot is requi­red to fol­low. We bench­mark against the tech­no­lo­gy a chat­bot will replace e.g. SMS, email etc. This is the begin­ning of any deep ana­ly­sis that dri­ves chat­bot reten­ti­on and enga­ge­ment. Once we cor­rect­ly iden­ti­fy core con­ver­sa­ti­ons, we can impro­ve a chatbot’s per­for­mance.

Our lin­gu­is­tic archi­tects work with our cli­ents to sketch out the ear­ly impres­si­ons their (inter­nal) custo­mers should get from a brand. They script chat­bots with dia­lo­gue that helps your com­pa­ny sol­ve chal­len­ges through con­ver­sa­tio­nal inter­faces.  This leads to a natu­ral­ly-evol­ving con­ver­sa­ti­on that speaks to your inter­nal custo­mers in a lan­guage they under­stand, and adap­ts their jour­ney in real-time, while collec­ting rich data to train the chatbot’s sophisti­ca­ted algo­rithm.

Machi­ne learning means a chat­bot deli­vers a slight­ly-bet­ter respon­se each time, based on what like-min­ded custo­mers have asked in the past. A ques­ti­on we always ask is, “will it work bet­ter than what custo­mers are using now, in a sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly-con­trol­led test?”

By using data to opti­mi­se ques­ti­on paths, a bet­ter custo­mer expe­ri­ence and enga­ge­ment is pro­vi­ded. This is how we can assert with con­fi­dence that the next con­ver­sa­ti­on will be an impro­ve­ment, so that you can increa­se pro­duc­tivi­ty, effi­ci­en­cy, and ROI with our AI-powe­r­ed enter­pri­se chat­bots.

What the experts say:

Today’s enter­pri­se chat­bots are com­pre­hen­si­ve tool­sets that every com­pa­ny needs if they want to com­pe­te. Chat­bots can hand­le com­plex mul­ti-step work­flows, ans­wer ques­ti­ons, and even make soft­ware plat­forms easier to use, giving them more value to your users.”


How chat­bots can bene­fit your busi­ness

  • Supe­ri­or qua­li­ty with natu­ral, con­ver­sa­tio­nal lan­guage anyo­ne can under­stand
  • Free up resour­ces and get to the more important things
  • Action­ab­le insights that empower employees
  • Maxi­mum oppor­tu­nities for per­so­nai­sa­ti­on
  • Cen­tra­li­sed docu­men­ta­ti­on eli­mi­na­tes the need for dupli­ca­ti­on of filing and cor­re­spon­ding secu­ri­ty mea­su­res

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