Digitaler Pressespiegel

Hot off the press: Artificial intelligence – Press review 10/2019

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic – technologies are polarising and media attention is increasing. In our digital press review, we compile important monthly articles on the subject in order to provide an introduction to artificial intelligence to everyone interested as well as provide an impetus for exchange. In October, the MIT Technology Review, Bayerischer […]

Chatbot-Plattform Commerzbank

Commerzbank work with Retresco to create Chatbots

24.05.2018, Berlin: Commerzbank is looking to improve its internal knowledge management with the introduction of an internal enterprise platform for building and deploying chatbots. The project will be undertaken in cooperation with Retresco. The project began with Commerzbank launching three chatbots at the beginning of the year. One was for employees who needed assistance for […]

Einsatz KI Bankwesen Realitaet

Banking takes a cautious approach in spite of excitement about AI

It is nice when a story about your industry comes across your desk, promising to enliven what may have a been a run-of-the-mill day. Even better when the article in question seems to have missed the most-vital element of the narrative but instead skirts around the edges of the real story. The story we are referring […]

Partnerschaft Retresco und e-Spirit

Retresco and e-Spirit launch strategic Partnership

Berlin, Germany: Retresco and platform provider e-Spirit are launching their new strategic partnership, following months of development. Through this partnership, customers ofe-Spirit’s new FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) will be presented with automatically-generated text. These texts will include product descriptions, promotional text, SEO-relevant descriptions, and job descriptions. They will be produced at scale using only limited human […]

Retresco and Deloitte form strategic partnership for digitisation in the financial services sector

Deloitte and Retresco have agreed on a strategic partnership to cooperate on developing automation products for financial services. The strategic partnership between the companies reflects an understanding that customers are looking increasingly for products that embrace society’s rapidly-accelerating digitalisation. Retresco and Deloitte will be looking to develop projects around AI-driven Natural Language Generation (NLG). Alexander Siebert, […]

World Summit Award Winners 2017

Berlin tech firm Retresco wins UN World Summit Award

Berlin-based Retresco was announced as a winner at the 2017 United Nations World Summit Awards (WSA) for digital innovation. In front of UN representatives, ICT ministries and the private sector Retresco will receive its award in the “Business & Commerce” category at the World Summit Global Congress in Vienna. Retresco was recognised in the “Business […]

Retresco to begin beta-testing of rtr textengine

Retresco is to begin beta-testing its self-service NLG platform, rtr textengine, to selected clients from September 2017. dmexco, one of the largest annual digital economy conference worldwide, has been carefully chosen where businesses are invited to see the rtr textengine demo, with a no obligation opportunity to take part in our beta. Beta-testing of rtr textengine is […]

Why journalists will never be replaced by robots

Automation is a nice way to never interact with anybody. Buying a drink from a vending machine, paying by card at the petrol pump, or downloading something from iTunes instead of going to a record shop—they all have the benefit of making sure that you don’t have to deal with the vagaries and unpredictability of […]

Retresco faces questions concerning NLG

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Berlin based company Retresco and computational linguist Mr. Prof. Dr. Hands Uszkoreit from German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), were interviewed by radio editor Manfred Kloiber from the Deutschlandfunk-program “Computer and Communication” about natural language generation, the current state of it as well as its perspectives. Automated textgeneration based on […]

Perfect display window into Stasi-Archive

“The better we can understand dictatorship, the better we can shape democracy.”  These words by Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records Roland Jahn are highly topical nowadays.  Roland Jahn turned his words into action. In 2014 his authority assigned Retresco GmbH with the semantic development of a range of document collections in its archive.  The […]