3 things we learnt at Vocer’s Innovation Day

Vocer hosted its 4th Innovation Day at der Spiegel’s headquarter in Hamburg on Saturday 11th November. As the event drew to an end, attendees left with new insights and ideas around digital transformation in news publishing, and how to use data to innovate in an ever changing tech landscape. As sponsors and active participants of the […]


More than human

Much talk in recent weeks has centred around what ethical standards and guidelines are going to be needed to cope with increasing automation. In February, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking threw their weight behind 23 principles to ensure that AI remains of benefits to humans. And, then Musk went further, calling AI ‘vastly more risky […]

Künstliche Intelligenz: Arbeit neu denken

The limits of poetry-writing machines

Slate just published an article on Eureka, a machine that attempted—and somewhat exceeded—to automate the production of poetry. Rather than being a curio and a sideshow of the time, Eureka was instead, “The Victorians loved a show, especially one that drew upon both science and illusion for an unforgettable performance. The Eureka offered both. The […]

An overview of Speech Recognition APIs

Well-developed quality or development potential? – a task for the hackathon at Retresco After the preselection of the test speech-recognition APIs had been chosen by certain parameters, an exciting race between the 5 finalists evolved. During our mostly two-day intern hackathons, we try new ideas or evaluate the current state of technology. This time we […]

Robot journalism in practice! A situation report.

Football – a fast sport. Just like the coverage of such games. A regional football-portal uses robot journalism and is outrunning the competition. Basis of these game reports is the rtr textengine by Retresco. This engine generates perfectly written texts, in any number, within minutes, just by using the existing data of the particular game. […]

Perfect display window into Stasi-Archive

“The better we can understand dictatorship, the better we can shape democracy.”  These words by Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records Roland Jahn are highly topical nowadays.  Roland Jahn turned his words into action. In 2014 his authority assigned Retresco GmbH with the semantic development of a range of document collections in its archive.  The […]

Automatische Fußballspielberichte

Automated Journalism: Retresco generates automatically written game reports

Ten thousands of game reports in real-time – from Champions League to district league: a paradise for millions of passionate football fans. Automated journalism by Retresco makes it possible. Solutions by Retresco enhance, accelerate and remarkably reduce the price of the whole value chain-process. Together with football-marketer and developer of online-sportmedia Sportplatz Media, Retresco aims […]