NLG in der Praxis

How automated content defines news

When it comes to Natural Language Generation (NLG), many feel that one advantage that human reporters have over their robotic brethren is that the latter are unable to accurately define, when confronted with raw data, what is worthy of being called ‘news’. Or, more specifically, they cannot leave to one side everything that is NOT […]

Gründe für automatische Textgenerierung

Retresco’s response to PwC’s UK Economic Forecast

Earlier this month, professional services firm PwC released its latest edition of its UK Economic Outlook. Tucked in at the end of the report, there is a chapter on what effect AI and automation are going to have over the next twenty years. There are a number of headline discoveries. Firstly, the overall change is […]

How content curation helps news organisations drive digital revenue

Digital disruption has forced news organisations to rethink business models and transform products to sustain growth. Those that invested in data and research to create user-centric products have seen across different platforms and succeeded in pivoting towards a digital subscription model. In the New York Times’ 2017 full-year earnings release, they declared that that while […]

Four things we learnt from this year’s Digital News Report launch

On 14 June, the Retresco marketing team and Daniel Schultheis (Project manager at Retresco) attended the Berlin launch of this year’s Digital News Report. As a company with a strong background and client base in digital publishing, we care deeply about the future of journalism and reporting. Afterwards, we had the pleasure of meeting Nic […]

Seeing things clearly

A few days ago, the Financial Times’ Laura Noonan published an article, ‘Commerzbank sets AI to work writing analyst reports’, reporting on our work with the German banking giant to use Natual Language Generation (NLG) technology to write basic analyst notes. As one investment bank head told Noonan, “There’s definitely work that can be done, […]

Einsatz KI Bankwesen Realitaet

Banking takes a cautious approach in spite of excitement about AI

It is nice when a story about your industry comes across your desk, promising to enliven what may have a been a run-of-the-mill day. Even better when the article in question seems to have missed the most-vital element of the narrative but instead skirts around the edges of the real story. The story we are referring […]

software robot

Software robots should be judged by how they enhance their users

Last week, the Financial Times published an article, ‘Businesses turn to software robots for office work’, that outlined how, “Software robots have become one of the hottest fads in business automation, as a new wave of AI is poised to sweep through the back-office functions of large corporations.”. Various numbers are thrown around in the […]

Death of Net Neutrality

On the death of net neutrality

In a move that should come to as a shock to nobody, considering the raft of horrendous laws, reforms, and motions that have come with this US administration, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to dismantle 2015 Obama Era protections on net neutrality, paving the way for an upending of how the internet operates. […]

spambot fake comments ethics

How NLG is reshaping ethics and responsibility

Late last week, Hackernoon’s Jeff Kao posted ‘More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked’, an article and analysis that alleged that up to several million comments submitted to the US’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) were generated by bots. In his research, Kao focused on one campaign. That campaign, he estimated, had […]

Yes, automated content is a thing

Earlier this month Econsultancy published an article about why automated content will never replace human writers. The article, ‘Automated content is a thing – but should it be?’. The article was written by Magnus Linklater of Bespoke Digital, which calls itself a digital marketing consultancy. While we agree mostly with Linklater, he has made some […]