Retresco reaches milestone: Groundbreaking natural language generation with AI-based variant suggestions

Automation is considered one of the key issues for making companies viable for the future. The use of artificial intelligence has made rapid progress in this area for some years now, creating cross-sector economies of scale that would have been unthinkable with conventional technologies.   Even more automation in natural language generation with the help […]


AI made in Europe? Five theses for the development of a European AI ecosystem

The EU Commission has presented two important publications: in addition to the European Data Strategy – the first data strategy Europe has ever had – the AI White Paper was presented as a regulatory framework addressing the ethical and societal implications of artificial intelligence. It is no coincidence that both publications are published at the […]

Ethische KI

Why diversity in the tech industry is so important

Personnel diversity is not only fundamentally important for the performance of teams and thus of companies, but also for the ethically correct use of algorithms – a sensitive topic that increasingly determines today’s tech discourse and is also relevant for Retresco. In view of the increasing penetration of AI into our everyday lives, the question […]


Semantic technologies: How text creates knowledge

Whether the challenge is to make internal archives user-friendly or to optimally monetise the items of commercial websites: semantic processes are a key technology for the utilisation of content. They enable the extraction of information – also know­n as information retrieval – so that text can be used optimally as raw material for knowledge. Semantic […]

Automatic translation for automated text projects: advantages and how-tos

In recent years, the confluence of digitalisation and content automation has dramatically increased the speed and extent to which businesses can reach new markets. However, this also results in increased competition for said markets, meaning that tailoring products and services to customer needs is of vital importance. One crucial aspect of enhancing the customer experience […]

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Ethics & artificial intelligence: What is AI allowed to do? And what is it not allowed to do?

As an AI company, Retresco works in the exciting border area between technology, business and society – an interesting and sensitive topic. In light of the increasing penetration of AI in our everyday lives, the question of ethical and social responsibility has never been more important. Even today, an algorithm decides which air fares we […]

NLG für die Touristikbranche

Natural language generation for the tourism industry

Technological innovations are radically changing the tourism industry: on the one hand, they make travel easier, more convenient and, in some cases, more cost-effective for individuals; on the other hand, they open up new possibilities for tourism providers to set up their business processes efficiently and scalably. This year’s World Tourism Day on Friday, 27 […]

Branchen von NLG

Natural language generation – Industries & formats

Automatic text generation is just as exciting as it is multi-faceted: a wide variety of possibilities arise, especially with regard to potential areas of application. While the text types that can be created by natural language generation range from descriptive texts (product descriptions, traffic reports, etc.) to reports in the field of business intelligence, etc., […]

Künstliche Intelligenz: Arbeit neu denken

AI & Automation: Rethinking Work

Our working world is changing. For several years now, we have been experiencing how artificial intelligence, algorithms and robot systems not only change our private lives, but also work processes: doctors are supported by algorithms in the evaluation of X-ray images, robot systems are used in nursing and journalists are guided by AI systems in […]

5 ideas for creative content automation with

Automatic text generation saves Retresco customers time and resources. Especially in e-commerce, natural language generation (NLG) can be an important key to the efficient creation of product descriptions. Suppliers of products from such diverse sectors as fashion, office supplies, bicycle accessories or consumer electronics already rely on rtr textengine in their content strategy. However, the […]