Chan­ces are you have alre­ady read one of our texts, without rea­li­sing it was gene­ra­ted by com­pu­ter code. Or used our topic clas­si­fi­ca­ti­on sys­tems while rea­ding your favou­rite news­pa­per. Perhaps you saved lots of time, skip­ping a hel­pdesk queue by let­ting our chat­bots sol­ve your pro­blem.

At Ret­res­co we are pas­sio­na­te about natu­ral lan­guage and tech­no­lo­gy. We have our own pro­duct,, and pro­vi­de custom solu­ti­ons to well-known cli­ents in various indus­tries. Among the­se are Axel Sprin­ger, Gru­ner & Jahr, FAZ.NET, United Inter­net, Free­net, and the Federal Minis­try of Health.

We are loo­king for Backend Deve­l­o­pers (f/m/d) at all levels.


You will be:

  • Joi­ning an agi­le team of experts from various back­grounds, such as com­pu­ta­tio­nal lin­gu­is­tics, com­pu­ter sci­ence, data sci­ence and phy­sics,
  • Sol­ving chal­len­ging pro­blems rela­ted to both natu­ral lan­guage pro­ces­sing and scalab­le web ser­vices,
  • Deli­vering novel, well-tested and review­ed fea­tures to our pro­duc­tion sys­tems star­ting at the first sprint,
  • Sup­por­ted by our dev­ops team: we run our own tes­ting, buil­ding and deploy­ment infra­st­ruc­tu­re,
  • Working from our beau­ti­ful office in Ber­lin-Fried­richs­hain, whe­re we have a near­ly infi­ni­te sup­ply of Club Mate.


Our stack:

  • Modern Python, lots of async/await and type hints,
  • Pytest for unit and inte­gra­ti­on tes­ting, Pro­trac­tor and Sele­ni­um for e2e,
  • Tor­na­do and aiohttp for com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on,
  • Elastic­se­arch, redis and Post­gres for per­sis­tence,
  • Docker, Git­lab and Mesos for deve­lop­ment and deploy­ment.


Sounds inte­res­ting? 

Plea­se send your app­li­ca­ti­on toge­ther with your creden­ti­als, ear­liest star­ting date, and the desi­red sala­ry to:

We are loo­king for­ward to your app­li­ca­ti­on!