Automated stock market reports for Investor Verlag

The financial portal ‘Investor Verlag’ publishes a total of 33 financial publications, which give its readers a sound basis for successful investment decisions through high-quality information and relevant stock market news.

Costs and time pressures are everyday topics in all industries. Working with content is complex, time-consuming and expensive. That’s why Investor Verlag forged, building on its success to date, further ambitious plans: the unique offer for its readers and investors was to be expanded and the number of portal visitors multiplied.

The solution

An innovative technology developed by Retresco in the field of natural language generation supported the publisher in the implementation of its strategic goals. Like many digital technologies, rtr textengine is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and can replace a large number of editorial and communicative activities.

Among other things, the software evaluates and analyses the available financial data and generates any number of stock reports fully automatically, in real time and at the highest level from the information obtained. These unique, automatically generated texts are combined with manually created content. The result is a significant increase in online reach and user engagement – 10 percent more traffic, 2.5 minutes average time spent and significantly higher online visibility.

The technology

Retresco’s natural language generation (NLG) applications are based on artificial intelligence. Data forms the foundation of the NLG application; for texts in natural language, additional templates and conditions must be defined in advance. Templates are essentially outlines with a large number of variants, synonyms, adverbs and other lexicon entries.

Once the prerequisites have been met, the NLG solution transforms financial data into unique content – in a matter of seconds, rich in variants and, if desired, also multilingual.