Automated job applications made by Retresco and 2txt

New application tool by Jobware generates individualized texts

– Better applications for apprentices, job starters and young professionals at

– Nearly limitless options to create your letter of application

– Generation of more than 100 texts per second

Writing a job application often is the biggest issue during an application process for a new job. In many cases candidates have difficulties illustrating their skills in a precise and short way. Not anymore: The Berlin based companies Retresco and 2txt developed a new solution for Jobware, which supports candidates in creating their individualized applications. This software basically makes it possible to generate a limitless number of individualized applications – uniqueness guaranteed. Furthermore it can generate more than 100 texts per second. Menu guidance of the corresponding web application developed by Jobware is self-explaining so that even inexperienced writers can create their very own professional job application – fast, easy, individual.

“As computational linguists we already work on automated generated texts for several years. With this application tool we have reached a new milestone in terms of automated text generation.” Says Alexander Siebert, CEO of Retresco.


Personality instead of the same old story

On the basis of templates, users can adjust and individualize their job application either by changing the generated text or through the replacement of the key data.

In every paragraph the user is prompted detailed information, e.g. about his career, strengths and abilities. With this data, our software generates authentic text passages. At this point the user can always choose between three different variants of text and with this feature therefore is able to adjust his job application for the particular advertised position. The technology developed by Retresco and 2txt ensures that paragraphs fit together grammatically as well as substantially and helps to avoid doublings.

The final letter of application, which by the way can be chosen out of three different design templates, can be downloaded for free as a PDF or as Word-document to continue working on it on your own.


About 2txt

The Berlin bases start-up 2txt automates text generation. With their unique, innovative technology, 2xts enables data to talk. Late-breaking news or detailed company reports can be generated within seconds. 2txt was founded in 2013 and since has worked on several projects e.g. descriptions of complex industrial machines and production processes or generation of documents for consultancy services.


About Jobware

Jobware is the job fair for professionals and executives. Ambitious companies of every size and sector find their first-class employees via Jobware. Founded in 1996, Jobware nowadays has more than 160 employees. As a subsidiary of Medien Union, based in Ludwigshafen, Jobware does business with many prestigious publishers. More than 30 publishers trust in our services around the job market. Today we monthly prepare a five-figure number of job advertisements for publication in the internet on behalf of our customers. More than 400 partner job fairs are operated by Jobware including portals on iPhone, iPad and Facebook.