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Retresco reaches milestone: Groundbreaking natural language generation with AI-based variant suggestions

Automation is considered one of the key issues for making companies viable for the future. The use of artificial intelligence has made rapid progress in this area for some years now, creating cross-sector economies of scale that would have been unthinkable with conventional technologies.   Even more automation in natural language generation with the help […]

How automated text generation makes content production in the tourism industry scalable

Due to digitalisation, the tourism industry is experiencing a significant change in its customer demands. Tourist products must be individually tailored and digitally bookable; first-class communication of travel offers and good online service are moving into focus in Tourism 2.0. Intelligent technologies play a major role in meeting new, intangible needs. It’s as if AI-based […]

Why diversity in the tech industry is so important

Personnel diversity is not only fundamentally important for the performance of teams and thus of companies, but also for the ethically correct use of algorithms – a sensitive topic that increasingly determines today’s tech discourse and is also relevant for Retresco. In view of the increasing penetration of AI into our everyday lives, the question […]

Semantic technologies: How text creates knowledge

Whether the challenge is to make internal archives user-friendly or to optimally monetise the items of commercial websites: semantic processes are a key technology for the utilisation of content. They enable the extraction of information – also know­n as information retrieval – so that text can be used optimally as raw material for knowledge. Semantic […]

AI monthly

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic – technologies are polarising, media attention is increasing. In our digital press review, we compile important articles on the subject monthly in order to provide an introduction to artificial intelligence to everyone interested as well as provide an impetus for exchange. In January, the MIT Technology Review, Süddeutsche Zeitung, […]

Content automation: Why every publisher needs a TMS

The success stories of the FAZ and DAZ show how it can be done: AI-based automation leads to sustainable gains in visibility. For publishers, top search engine rankings are crucial for online reach and business success. Their digital strategies are increasingly moving away from financing through advertisements and are concentrating on the monetisation of their […]